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Extended Coverage

Unique satellite design for extended coverage across:

  • ●  Africa & Europe
  • ●  Central Asia
  • ●  The Middle East

T4-NGS will also include vast stretches of the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans.

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System Capabilities

Advanced high performance capabilities allowing:

  • ●  Wide range of data rates above
    1 Mbps
  • ●  Spacecraft flexibility to dynamically support surge in hotspot areas
  • ●  Payload capacity supports 3 times the number of users than traditional MSS satellites
  • ●  Supports multiple technologies
  • ●  Payload adaptability

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Bigger Opportunities

Unlocking a world of innovations for new product and solution development:

  • ●  System flexibility to support diverse portfolio of products (very small IoT devices, handheld terminals, transportable data terminals) with robust connectivity and high mobility
  • ●  Flexible platform designed for a wide range of existing and future services (voice, PTT, data, streaming, short burst messaging)
  • ●  Capability to develop vertical-specific
    products, solutions and applications